Shared Topic: Holy Light vs. Flash

So, Ophelie over at the Bossy Pally has a great post about Healadins and their makeup. No, not which shade of lipstick best matches the t10 shoulders…but rather the difference between a Holy Light paladin and a Flash spam paladin. Yes, they are different.

Now, Ophelie was inspired in her post by Ferraro (I’m going to avoid any talk of controversy that surfaced over a month ago, cause honestly, that’s a dead horse) who does a great job of breaking down the differences.

Check out those two if you want to know the breakdown comparison of one vs. the other. That’s not what I’m gonna write about since it has already been done much better than I could have by those wonderful women.

So, here is the point of my post. Alot of people don’t think there is anything to healing as a paladin. “Lol you hit two buttons!” Bullshit. Yes, you can do well healing a 5-man or Naxx if all you ever do is hit 2 buttons. To be good it takes alot more. I made the realization of how many people don’t undertand paladin healing through the help of three of my guildmates (unknowingly to them). The first is our MT Syl, who has a heala-prot-adin alt geared up for Naxx and early Ulduar whom she enjoys doing 5mans on when she isn’t in the mood for tanking. Well, the first time she went into a heroic as a healer, I was her tank, and he kept asking me for help and advice as far as which spell to use when and all that jazz. You know, you judge every 20 seconds or so, know when to touch people with your magic Hands (freedom, protection, sacrifice, salvation all have their uses in raids). When to use HL vs. Flash. When to use Plea, when to use LoH. She enjoys holy healing, and she has been chomping at the bit for the chance to heal Ulduar.

Another guildie, and also one of out MT’s, Gan, decided to play around with a Holy offspec for his protadin. So, he asked me what to look for in gems, glyphs, spell rotation etc. Well, when we got to a discussion of rotation, everything went *zoom! right over his head. So, we ran a regular ToC5 to try to help him understand it, with he and I in vent while I called out for him to use certain utility spells and explained why he should use them. Man, he did good, but was he frusterated at the end. Now, we did do a few more runs with him healing w/o me in vent holding his hand. At the end of the week though, he went back to a ret offspec and said to me “Healing is complicated.”

The third was by far the worst. Now, this player who shall remain unnamed, in case he ever finds this post…is not the best player in our guild. His ret spec i somthing like 0/11/60 and his holy spec is like 65/6/0. His DK is jsut as bad with a 0/0/71 “tank” build. Now, his gear isnt bad. He is main spec ret, but his holy set is msotly stuff he picked up in Naxx/Uld as offspec rolls. So…one day we were doing VoA10, working on Korolan. He was one of our healers, the other two were alts of other raiders. One on her resto shaman (normally a protadin, and also the wife of the guildie I am discussing) and the other a tree (normally a warlock). Now, they have all healed Naxx, so raiding is not something they are unfamiliar with as healers, and our tanks were sightly undergeared for Korolan, which did not help the healers at all. But, after 3 wipes we decided to go play with Emie instead. Anyways, after one of the wipes, I looked at recount because I knew the issue was the healers not being able to keep the tanks up. This was what the “times cast” column looked like for our holy paladin who had been healing the main tank:

Flash of Light 186; Sacred Shield 1; Lay on Hands 1.

That was it. Three spells total. He didn’t use the Bacon, he didn’t shock anyone, not a single Holy Light. Now, I have tried talking to him about his spec before, knowing that it was a joke, and his response was “I don’t care about my heal spec, I don’t like healing” to which I responded with “well your ret spec needs work too, do you mind me giving you advice on that?” “I do enough dps (he does around 2k in Naxx with Ulduar gear) that I don’t see why  I need to change how I play.” So…there are just some people who don’t want help.

Anyways. Clearly the art of healdin-ing is not lost on all. Thank you to Ophelie and Ferraro for breaking down the difference between HL and FoL builds. That being said, once 3.3 comes out and I get the last  triumph pieces I need (2 rings and trinket) I think I will get a 2nd set of t9 to play around with gemming differently and play around with the two different gear builds.


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